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Zoocracy Board Game, Super Fun Interactive

You can do a better job in the government than the politicians. You’ve watched C Span, and analyzed all those leaders – what they say and how they say it. Who keeps their word always – or only when it’s convenient for them? You have sharp strategic skills and you are a forward thinker. You know how to achieve those political agendas – and how to thwart everything else. And you love a good democratic argument. Welcome to Zoocracy. The game of democracy, intrigue, and hidden agendas. The purpose of the game is to put in place the most political goals –
It’s real-world politics! Game Overview:

  • Using food tokens as your bargaining chip, you try to win votes for the elections.
  • Gain the most votes and you can start first with a government proposal – but you still need a majority to succeed.
  • If you don’t win the majority the next in line will bargain to form a coalition with other party members. Each player has their own agenda but you need to work together to benefit the most.
  • Sharpen your strategy for campaigning, combined with negotiations and secret bids to reach your goals.
  • Finally, you form a government.
  • Be careful – if party members are not pleased with how the government runs – they may attempt to overthrow the leader.
  • While assigning roles and casting votes – think long term – you don’t want to be stuck without food tokens.
  • And, the action cards and some random events add a little disruption and havoc – forcing players to change their plans.

Have fun making alliances and secretly plotting your own agenda to win. Board Game Specs:

  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Playing time: 60 – 120 min
  • Suggested Age: 12+

INTERACTIVE STRATEGIC FAMILY FUN – Interact, laugh and have a fabulous time together! This family board game brings less TV watching and more under the table kicking, spontaneous maniacal laughter, and endless snacking while plotting to overthrow the government.
SEASONED GAMERS & NEW STRATEGISTS: Challenge your political acumen to run elections, negotiate on political offices, and form coalitions with this strategic board game. Which requires cunning STRATEGY BALANCED WITH LUCK, perfect for a family of grown children and teens.
POLITICAL GAMEPLAY: Each player tries to implement their political agenda through negotiation – but who will keep their promises? Maddening like real-world politics, this democratic game is a blast – full of strategy, manipulation, alliances – and backstabbing.
AWESOME ARTWORK: Beautifully designed, the game board and cards feature humorous animal characters. The comical artwork is perfect for the intense political scene, because when things get heated, it’s the quirky animals who are having this debate!
BEST NEW GAME 2020: An immersive game that combines a political theme, fun artwork, quality game pieces, and excellent replay value. This intriguing game provides the opportunity for every family member to win and is a perfect icebreaker or tool for drawing out quieter kids.

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