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Xbox One Game Controller, For Microsoft Xbox

Designed for use with the Xbox One console, it has a precise layout and is ideal for use as an alternative or other controller.
1. Personalize your controller and improve the game experience.
2. The material provides a more comfortable experience and allows you to play for a longer time.
3. The ribbed handle area ensures that you don’t lose grip in critical moments.
4. Easy to use and install.
5. Charging time 2-3 hours, working time 4-5 hours.
6.Sensitive button response, control convenient.
How to connect wirelessly?

1. Connect the controller with the Xbox one console, plug the receiver into the USB port of the host, and the indicator light of the receiver will flash, and then press the home button of the controller, the indicator light of the controller will flash. When the controller and receiver lights are always on, the connection is successful.

2.Connect to the computer. As above, when the light of the controller and the light of the receiver are long, the connection is successful. This is Xbox one mode. Press and hold the home button for 5 seconds to switch to Xinpu and dinpu modes.

Reset steps: when the controller fails

1. Turn on the controller (press the round button and the indicator light will be on)

2.Reset the controller by pressing the small hole on the back of the controller with a needle or paper clip.

Advance Wireless Technology: Wireless Bluetooth connection, in the 30 foot range, can connect windows 10 PC and tablet PC to play games, enjoy double happiness.
Double vibration function: Built-in vibrating twin motors. The 3D joystick gives you the most realistic game experience, just like in the game. Note, press the left joystick, back and start buttons at the same time to turn off the wireless controller.
Ergonomic Design: The grooves have a knurled texture for better friction. The key reflexes are sensitive, easy to handle, perfect for racing, fighting, rodeo and other games, ensuring you are completely comfortable playing games within hours.
Rechargeable: The charging time is 2-3 hours, and the working time is 4-5 hours. If there is no operation within 5 minutes, the controller will automatically enter sleep mode to extend life and save power.

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