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Whatever – A New Awkward and

Product Description

Whatever: A Party Game of Awkward Situations and Embarrassing Confessions

How to play Whatever, Funded on Kickstarter, Party Game ages 17+, 4-8+ playersHow to play Whatever, Funded on Kickstarter, Party Game ages 17+, 4-8+ players

How far will you go to win the game?

You’ll never want to have a party without Whatever after you get this game. Designed for four or more players, Whatever is a party game of awkward situations and embarrassing confessions that’s easy to learn, quick to play, and so random, no two games will be the same.

In Whatever, you and your friends may find yourselves revealing things you never thought you’d share in public, going head-to-head in insult battles, serenading other players with the Backstreet Boys, tickling each other, or licking *things*. How far will you go to earn five cards and win the game?

Whatever comes with 200 cards – 75 Challenges (cards you must complete by yourself in order to earn the card), 75 Showdowns (cards you must compete head-to-head against one more more players in order to earn the card), and 50 Penalties (cards you can opt to take instead attempting your Challenge or Showdown if you don’t have the guts to do your initial card).

Each round, during your turn, you have a difficult choice to make – complete your Challenge or Showdown card (as cringey, awkward, and embarrassing as it may be) or take the chance of passing on the card and drawing a Penalty. Penalty cards don’t count as one of the five cards you need to win. Most Penalty cards just shame you until your next turn or make you do something mildly inconvenient. But there are some gems in there like losing the game altogether, leaving the room while your friends play without you…or worse.

This party game is for ages 17+ and unlike other games, drinking is not required. Although you can always download our 21+ drinking rules on our website to quickly turn it into a drinking game.

This game is perfect for game nights, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, camping trips, hanging out at the pool or beach, house parties, or pre-gaming. Basically anything you’re doing with close friends gets better with Whatever.

party game spinnerparty game spinner


When it’s your turn, spin and grab a card from the Challenge or Showdown pile.

challenge and showdown cardschallenge and showdown cards

Do Your Card

Your goal is to successfully do WHATEVER the card says. A Challenge means you’re on your own completing an embarrassing task. A Showdown means you’ll go head-to-head against another player. Successfully complete the card and keep it. You’ve earned a point!

penalty card, party gamepenalty card, party game

Taking a Penalty

If your Challenge or Showdown is just too awkward or embarrassing and you can’t do it, you need to take a Penalty. You’ll be shamed until your next turn when you’ll have an opportunity to redeem yourself. Penalties don’t count as points, sucker.

winning the party gamewinning the party game

First to Five Wins!

The first player to successfully complete 5 Challenge or Showdown cards wins the game.

party game spinnerparty game spinner


challenge and showdown cardschallenge and showdown cards

Attempt the Card

penalty card, party gamepenalty card, party game

Or Take A Penalty

winning the party gamewinning the party game

Win The Game!

Meet The Creators

party game creatorsparty game creators

Ali and Brittany met in middle school and have been inseparable best friends ever since. After college, and while starting their careers as a nurse and a real estate agent, they started entertaining their friends with a little game they invented called Whatever. After a few years of positive feedback and hours of entertainment, they decided to start the journey of bringing the game to market and sharing their awkward creation with the world.

Ali and Brittany wrote and tested every card (you should see the cards that didn’t make it into the game), created the brand, worked with leading manufacturers, and then took to Kickstarter to bring the game to life.

After a successful Kickstarter and a ton of hard work, they were able to make their idea a reality.

Follow Whatever on Facebook and Instagram to follow Ali and Brittany on their journey as game creators. Reach out. They love to talk to customers and answer your questions!

The new adult party game filled with awkward and embarrassing situations.
Win the game by successfully completing 5 Challenge or Showdown cards. Challenges mean you’re on your own completing a task. Showdowns mean it’s you against another player, head-to-head. Too scared to do what it says? Take a Penalty and try to be better next time…loser.
The game includes 1 spinner, 200 cards (75 Challenge Cards, 75 Showdown Cards, 50 Penalty Cards)
DO NOT play this game with children – only your closest friends that act like children
If your game nights don’t get weird when you whip this bad boy out out…you’re doing it wrong ✌

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