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VR Headset with Headphones, GUBENCI

Product Feature:
Extra Large Lenses for Crystal clear View.
Eyesight Protection Anti-blue Lens.
Suitable to glasses wearing.
Comfortable and Adjustable Head Straps.
FD and OD Adjustments for Reduced Distortion.
Support Screen Resolutions: HD, 1080p, 2K, 4K.
Support iPhone and Android Phones.(Screen Size: 4.6”- 6.5”).
– Product Weight: 0.8 lbs
– Material: Premium ABS, Plastic, PU Leather
– PMMA 45mm Anti-blue Lens
– Field of view: 120°
– Fixed focal: 37.5-46.5mm
– IPD adjustable 60-70mm
How to Use It?
OPEN your VR App→INSERT your VR APP→ADJUST the Pupil and the Focus Distance→ENJOY your VR Experience
Please Note:
1. Please tear off the protective film on the lens before using it. We recommend wiping the lenses regularly to ensure their clarity.
2. Kindly note that the image quality depends on the app and your phone resolution. The quality of the VR app software itself will affect the actual experience, please try to choose an application with a high score.
3. Please turn off the “Automatic Brightness Adjustment ” setting of the phone before putting it in the VR headset, and keep the phone at a brighter screen display condition to achieve a better display effect.
4. When using VR for the first time, you may feel fatigue and discomfort. Please rest for a while before using it again. After several times, the symptoms of discomfort will gradually disappear.
Package Included:
*Virtual Reality Headset
*USB Charge Cable
*User Manual
*Cleaning Cloth
☀360° IMMERSIVE SHOCKING EXPERIENCE: Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. Just snap your phone into 3D VR Headset and you’re in virtual reality. Whether you want to play a game, take a virtual vacation, or watch a movie, the possibilities with GUBENCI VR are limitless, VR Headset for Phones allows you to interact with the virtual world easily. HD Anti-Blue Light Lense & 120° Large Field of View(FOV), bring you an 360° immersive Shocking experience.
☀COMFORTABLE & HUMANIZED DESIGN: Considering the fatigue that may be caused by wearing Virtual Reality Glasses for a long time, we uses a lot of new designs in VR Headset. The ultra-light material reduces the weight of VR Headset for Android. The leather PU mask is soft and breathable. The retractable earphone design and independent lens adjustment meet the needs of different people. VR Headset for iphone is convenient and worry-free to answer calls with one button.
☀HIFI STEREO HEADPHONES: GUBENCI Virtual Reality Headset is equipped with HIFI stereo headphones and has 3D phase sound technology, brings you a three-dimensional immersive listening experience, good sound insulation and tough bass allows you to distinguish the position according to the sound, VR Headset with Headphones give you an immersive real experience when you play games and watch movies(Only supported devices with 3.5 mm jacks).
☀WIDELY COMPATIBILITY: VR is compatible with smart phones, whether it is Android or IOS system, whether it is a large-screen or small-screen phone (4.6-6.5inch). Virtual Reality Goggles is well compatible with iPhone 6/7/8/XR/11/12 series. Android phones such as Samsung S8/S9/S10/S20 series, Note 8/9/10/20 series; Google Pixel phone series; LG Motorola Huawei Xiaomi Android phones, etc.
☀CORRECT USE OF VR HEADSET: 1. Put your smartphones in front of the two lenses of the VR headset, and align the segmentation line on the smartphone screen image with the middle line of the two lenses in the VR Glasses (if not aligned, there will be no clear picture or not focus on). 2. Adjust the Interpupillary distance button to focus on. 3. Turn the rotary knobs on both sides(object distance button) to obtain the clear picture. 4. Need help, email us and it will be resolved.

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