Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

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Thrustmaster Full Flight Kit –

ThrustMaster presents the “toflight full Kit” Pack: for flight sim fans who want to take the plunge and really experience aerial aerobatics and fights of all kinds. This Pack includes the toflight HOTAS x, a versatile joystick with a wide range of features including a full-size, detachable throttle and the first S.M.A.R.To (sliding motion advanced rail track) slide rail system For smooth control and an optimized flying experience.

Toflight rudder pedals tfrp – With an industrial-grade anodized aluminum slide rail system that provides perfectly smooth sliding. The two large differential brake pedals allow for a wide range of movement and are suitable for all foot sizes.
The pedals use S.M.A.R.To Technology, developed exclusively by ThrustMaster, and feature an exclusive sliding rail system. They provide a wide range of perfectly smooth movement that offers extremely high precision.
This “plug & play” product offers super simple and fast installation with preconfigured features so you can take off right away: You won’t run into any configuration issues.
Products are compatible with PCs only; For beginners, advanced, and expert players.

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