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SIMOND STORE Ceramic Fiber Board, 2300F

Ceramic Fiber Boards stands as ideal solution for High Thermal Insulations and is applied widely across various industries.It comprises refractory fibers (aluminum & Silicate) and binders with low organic content and its mixture is then vacuum processed into boards.

These board smells a little during initial firing until the organic binders are burned off. After that it will be pure white and odorless. Boards are manufactured in various densities and temperature grades to suit application requirements.

Product Value:

Top Notch Quality:
These boards are made from finest quality of refractory fibers that imparts good mechanical strength and long service life

Saves Energy and Time:
Low thermal Conductivity helps to reduce energy loss and low Heat storage helps to carry out fast thermal cycle without cracking or spalling

Precise Dimension Control:
Precise Dimension Control: Exceptional machinability allows you to get more control over accuracy in dimensions and finishing.

Excellent chemical stability:
Retains its chemical properties at high temperatures and also it is resistant to oxidation and reduction and resists penetration by molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Easy Installation:
Ceramic Fiber Boards doesn’t demand much efforts for installation as they are easy to cut and allows convenient construction and fitting as per your insulation requirements.


  • Insulating Wood Stove, Fireplace, Forges, Kilns, Ovens.
  • Used in industries to line industrial walls, roofs doors, stacks, flue and chimney lining in furnace, Kiln, Boilers, combustion chamber and other industrial equipments.
  • As barrier against heat and flame.
  • Well suited for applications experiencing vibration, mechanical stress, and strong erosive forces..

Low Shrinkage: Permanent Linier Shrinkage – 3.5% Max at 2200 F when exposed to 24 hours soaking heat, Loss of Ignition(LOI) at 1832 F : 4-7%.
High Compressive Strength: Compressive strength at 25% deformation – 78 PSI.
Non Brittle: It possess High tensile strength and remains non brittle even when used under high temperature repeatedly and doesn’t become fragile. Under high temperature this board holds up its shape and toughness and doesn’t become fragile.
Applications: Wood Stove, Furnace, Fireplace, Foundries, Kiln, Forge, Ovens Boilers and many others where high level insulation is required.

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