Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

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Playrealm FPS Thumbstick Extender &

Playrealm Thumbstick Extender & Silicone Grip Cover Sets provide not only more accuracy in first-person shooting games, but also better control and comfort in racing and action games. The extra height with the extender installed on increases moving range for the stick for a same angle, which makes it much more easier to perform a precise aiming, turning and movement. The soft silicone grips also offer ideal comfort and protection. You will find everything under control in any game play with Playrealm’s sets on.

Fit offical Playstation 5 (PS5),Playstation 4 (PS4/Slim/PRO) controller, Do NOT fit any third party controllers;

Thumbstick Extenders: Plastic/PC
Thumb Grips: Silicone

Package Content:
Thumbstick Extender x 2
Thumb Grips x 2

Controllers are not included;
Please clean the thumb grips by cloth or tissue before use for best performance;
Keep the sets away from baby under 3 years old;
Keep the sets away from heat sorce and acid.
1 year warranty, any problem please contact us.

Enhanced Accuracy – Increased moving range for a same angle of the stick after installing the Extender, much more easier to perform a precise aiming, turning or movement, reduced fatigue;
Best Grip & Comfort – With the thumb grip cover installed on, the soft rubber silicone material provides comfort and extra grip, get better experience in a long session game play, makes everything under control;
Pefect Protection – With the sets installed on provides prefect protection to the vulnerable original sticks of your controller, avoid any possibly damage;
Different Height Options – Install extender & grips sets adds 10 mm height to the stick, enhances precision in shooting, racing games. Install only silicone thumb grips, enjoy original height and ideal comfort and protection;
NOTICE – The sets are compatiblePS5 Dualsenese & PS4 Controller; Clean the grip for best performance; Keep the sets away from children under 3 years old, Keep the sets way from heat sorce and acid

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