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Ouya R77P Paint Sprayer Pressure Feed Large

This series spray gun feed by pressure, which mean you would need to equip them with pressure tank or diaphragm pump.

Nozzle Size: 2.0mm
Feed type: Pressure Feed
Pattern Width: 350mm(13.78 inch)
Spray distance:250mm(9.84 inch)
Operating Pressure:58 to 94 PSI (4.0-6.48 bar)
Paint inlet size:3/8 inch

This series high-end spray gun, well manufactured by high quality material, ergonomic design.
Durable nozzle and needle would extend its service life.
Active seals are made of teflon,durable and wear resistance.
Surface processed by three nickel chrome electroplating treatment offers a excellent protection.
Have high efficiency of various products primer spraying.
With required pressure (58-94 psi), this spray gun would get your jobs of spraying easily and efficiently to be done.

SPECS: Nozzle Size:2.0mm、Operating Pressure:58 to 94 PSI (4.0-6.48 bar)、Spray distance:250mm(9.84 inch)、Pattern Width: 350mm(13.78 inch)
Technology: There-layer nickle-chromium plating,one-piece all steel gun body, rust-resistant and easy to clean,stainless steel nozzle and solid brass cap for durability and longevity.
Industry Use Level:Design of high atomization gas line, with three adjustable valve knobs for precise paint application, have a nice atomization effect and the fast decorative effect.
MULTI USE: Mating pressure tank, a diaphragm pump, and used for various fluid coatings, paint spraying work,widely used in variety of home and car factory improvement projects.
SET INCLUDES: 1/4 inch US Quick Connector、a cleaning brush and a multi-size wrench.

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