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One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

One handed gaming keyboard
PUBG keycap version, marked clearly
Driver-free, plug and play
39-key portable design, full key conflict-free
Increase and widen, integrated palm rest, provide a comfortable gaming experience.

Material: ABS plastic
Connection method: USB cable
Cable length: 1.5 m
Key number: 39
Keyboard type: membrane keyboard
Product weight: 360g
Luminous characteristics: monochrome rainbow glow
Backlight function: FN + Scr (light switch); FN + Prt light breathing)
FN + △ arrow up (light enhancement); FN + ▽arrow down (light reduction)
Multi-function key: FN + F1 key (music player)
FN + F2 key (volume reduction)
FN + F3 key (volume plus)
FN + F4 key (mute)
FN + F5 key (previous song)
Note: This is not a mechanical keyboard, but a membrane keyboard with a very good feel.

gaming Mouse
Durable USB braid
6 buttons with quick response
4-level DPI adjustable 800/1600/1800/2400
Multi-color backlights alternately breathe
texture design reduces sweating and is more wear-resistant
1 x keyboard
1 x mouse
1 x English manual
PROMPT: 1. Cannot be used directly on the phone.
2. The mobile phone needs to be equipped with an adapter or OTG. To play on a game console or mobile phone, you need to use the keyboard and mouse adapter of XBOX, PS4 or Nintendo Switch to use it!
3. This is not a mechanical keyboard, but a membrane keyboard with good texture.

✅ 【RAINBOW BACKLIGHT+MECHANICAL FEELING HALF KEYBOARD】 The keyboard adopts 39-key portable design, full key without conflict, ABS two-color injection molding. Support monochrome rainbow light emitting function, very convenient to use in low light environment. The small size is not only easy to carry, but also saves space.
✅ [PUBG CUSTOM KEYCAP + MULTI-FUNCTION KEYS] One-handed mechanical gaming keyboard with reasonable key layout and ergonomic design. It is reinforced at the joint, making the button more stable and durable. Customized PUBG keycaps with obvious labels and sensitive tactile feedback. Multi-function keys, FN F1-F5, to facilitate your operating experience.
✅ 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 Increase and widen the integrated palm rest, so that the wrist can be supported. The size of the palm rest is 130 * 85mm, which is suitable for large and small palms. The curved shape of the palm rest is designed according to the player’s operation posture, which fits comfortably, you can reduce discomfort or fatigue, and provide you with a relaxed gaming experience.
✅ [USB WIRED GAMING MOUSE] The anti-skid texture design on both sides of the game mouse reduces sweating and is more wear-resistant. Durable USB braided wire.6 buttons, 4-level DPI adjustable: 800/1600/1800/2400; made of high-quality ABS plastic, comfortable and durable; color LED breathing lamp automatically changes (LED can not be turned off); mouse size: 125 * 65 * 38mm for each For people of various sizes, the beautifully contoured body can achieve the best game control.
✅ [KEYBOARD AND MOUSE COMPATIBILITY] Applicable to laptop, PC computer games. No driver required, USB wired connection, plug and play, fully compatible: Win10/8/7/Vista/ME/Mac/Linux/IBM. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us.(Note:1.It cannot be used directly on the mobile phone.Phones needs to be equipped with the throne or OTG transfer.2.To play on the game console or phones, you need to use the XBOX ,PS4 or Nintendo keyboard and mouse converter to use it!)

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