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Fosiya 2 Player Arcade Joystick LED Chrome

Product Description


Product Description

1.Each Encoder have its own USB Cable to make sure that Multiplayer can play the games in the same condition!

2.The Joystick is a square 8 way professional joystick!

3.The buttons are Chrome 5V LED Illuminated push buttons with build-in Blue switch inside.

4.The buttons default as lighted all the time.

5.Joystick hole diameter: 24mm, large button hole diameter: 28-30mm

Above all,This kits is the a perfect kit for you to build a 2 player USB MAME Cabinet! We will put a install description inside the package.So there is no worry about the DIY Project!

Package Included

2x Zero Delay LED USB Encoder

2x USB Cable

2x 5Pin wires for Joystick

20x 3Pin wires for LED Push Buttons

4x Chrome 30mm Ring-Fixing LED White Push Buttons (1 Player + 2 Player + 2x Coin)

16x Chrome 30mm Ring-Fixing LED Push Buttons

2x 5Pin Square 8 way joystick

1x Install Description

Tips for installation

1. Plese read our user manual before starting your diy actions.

2. It’s very important! Connect Joystick’s 5Pin cable to the 5Pin slot that opposite the USB-B terminal. A lot people connect the joystick to the wrong 5Pin slot.

3. There is no need separate the button’s functions when you connect wire to push buttons and encoder board exept you want add ” Auto-Fire”, “Tubro”, “Clear” & ” Mode” Functions.All the fight button functions can be set in MAME or RetroPie. “Auto-Fire”, “Tubro”,”Clear” & “Mode” Functions have its own slot on the encoder board.

4. For Professional Players. We suggest your change all the buttons and joysticks into SANWA Brand or SEIMITSU Brand.

Tips for New User:

1. The item need work with MAME emulator. So before your build your own project, please download one to work with the parts.

2. If you use this kit to build your own Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects. Please search the steps before your DIY.



Wiring method

Optimize the buttons interface modePlug and play for easy plugging and unpluggingSolve the wiring problem that plagues 90% of players.Let the player DIY become simple from now on.

Arcade joystick







Can replace the different ball

It’s hight quality 5Pin 8-ways joystick model. The service life reaches 1 million clicks.New interface mode. Reject the wrong interface.

Joystick bottom

Applicable to the wooden shell and iron shell machine,The return of flexible, more wear-resistant; Iron base parallel cone; square gate

Specification map

All the silver conduction point, contact sensitive; within the iron bar for the stainless steel;2.0 thickness of the electrolytic plate; dust washers; ball detachable, can replace the different ball;

LED Arcade Push Buttons







1 Player 2 Player + 2x Coin Buttons

Individually independent stickers.Buttons can be opened separately to add brand LOGO. Create your own style.Each button has 2 switch interfaces and 2 LED light connectors.Plucked gold-plated, gold-plated contacts, micro-sound, long life, test life of up to 10 million times Use voltage: 5V

High quality full light LED Push Buttons

High quality material manufacturingHigh temperature resistant plastic partsHD translucent button body & coverRotary designComes with lighting effects, can be used for wood console, metal panels, with the use of various types of animation game

Professional fighting buttonsHigh quality light-transparent color powder is added to ABS materialMake the button more crystal clear. Brighter and more uniform

Arcade USB Controllers







USB Encoder

The USB Cable: 87InchThe 5Pin Cable: 7.9 InchThe Buttons Cable: 7.9 InchUSB encoder imported SMD components. Work more smoothly. Longer life expectancy. Lower energy consumption.

Wiring method

The button is set to light all the time.The maximum voltage is 5V.Do not use more than 5V of voltage, otherwise it will burn the button !!

PCB Board

USB Print TerminalsK1-K12 Push Buttons Terminals5Pin Joystick Terminals2Pin Joystick TerminalsAuto, Turbo, Clecet, Mode Terminals6 and 6-1 is Output 5V Power Terminals

Exquisite LED arace game DIY MAME jamma’s parts selection!
100% Zero Delay USB encoder and all Windows systems work flawlessly!
Perfect LED illuminated parts for 2 player Arcade MAME Jamma and other fighting game DIY Project!
Includes: 2 x 5Pin Arcade Joystick + 2 x USB Encoder + 20 x Chrome plated LED button (1 Player + 2 Player + 2x Coin button).
Chrome LED Illuminated push buttons with build-in Blue switch inside, excellent electronic performance, long life, reliability tested to 3,000,000 cycles!

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