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ENHANCE Gaming Keypad One Handed Keyboard

Product Description

ENHANCE Gaming provides premium gaming accessories and sponsors competitive esports teamsENHANCE Gaming provides premium gaming accessories and sponsors competitive esports teams

Gaming Keypad Banner ImageGaming Keypad Banner Image

Gaming Keypad on WoodGaming Keypad on Wood

Hands on the keypad and gaming mouseHands on the keypad and gaming mouse

Improved Ergonomics

By eliminating the keys you don’t need during gameplay, you are able to bring your arms closer together to alleviate strain on your neck, arms, and wrists.

Comfortable Gaming

Easy to Reach Controls

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming

Programmable LED Game Pad

Improve your in-game performance with the ENHANCE Gaming Keypad. Equipped with an impressive array of LED settings and two programmable keys designed for quick access to frequently used commands, our gaming keypad was built for gamers of all skill levels.

The ergonomic design with a built in wrist rest alleviates strain from hours of gameplay, keeping you engaged and competitive in all of your favorite games. Focus on the game with a dedicated gaming keypad from ENHANCE Gaming.

7 Solid LED Colors + 2 Dynamic Modes

2 Programmable Keys

Built-In Wrist Rest

Water Resistant Design

Close up of keypad covered in spilled water

Close up of keypad covered in spilled water

Create custom macros

Create custom macros

Keypad on desk with mouse and monitor

Keypad on desk with mouse and monitor

Durable Water Resistant Architecture

The water resistant design protects against accidental spills and moisture. Any excess moisture is channeled toward the bottom of the pad and exits through the dedicated drainage ports, making it easy to clean and dry after any spills.

Create and Execute Custom Macros

Bind custom macros to the two programmable keys to activate frequently used actions at the press of a single button. The keys are bound to the F1 & F2 keys for ease of reach, and are programmable directly from the keypad, without the use of complicated software suites.

7 Colors + 2 Color Changing Settings

Select from 7 static colors (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, White, Cyan) or 2 dynamic lighting modes (Rainbow & Color Fade) for an impressive display of ambient lighting that matches the aesthetic of your gaming desktop setup.


7.1 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches

11.25 x 4.62 x 4.62 inches

13.3 x 10.8 x 0.2 inches

18.75 x 6.75 x 2 inches

LED Lighting

7 Colors + Rainbow Mode

7 Colors + 3 Lighting Effects

7 Colors + 9 Effects


4 USB Ports




Accessory Tray, Cup Holder, Clamp

USB Hub, Headset Holder, LED Lighting

Smart Control, Rubber Grip, Anti-Fray Stitching

Sound Activated Lighting, Metal Panel Accents, Anti-Ghosting

7 COLOR LED LIGHTING: Choose from 2 dynamic lighting effects and 7 solid colors to customize your gaming aesthetic (Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Red, Purple, White)
PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS FOR QUICK ACTIONS: Create custom macros using the two programmable keys to initiate frequently used key combos that save time and keep you ahead of the competition
ERGONOMIC WRIST PAD: A built in wrist rest keeps your wrist at a comfortable angle during long gaming sessions to keep you playing at your best
PRO LEVEL FEATURES: Features a water resistant design with drainage holes, responsive membrane keys, and a heavy duty braided cable
3 YEAR WARRANTY: At ENHANCE Gaming, we back the quality of all of our products with a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty

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