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Din’s Curse – PC/Mac

You’ve been cursed by the champion god Din to a second life condemned to servitude, as punishment for squandering your first life in evil activity. You are forced to walk amid the devastated lands of Aleria once more, but this time you must offer your service to others as recompense for your earlier misdeeds. Redeem yourself from the doom of walking the lands endlessly alone – impress Din by building up a reputation for helping others. Features uniquely created worlds for every new game; each world is dynamic and ever-evolving to counter your decisions and plays. There are 6 full character classes, plus 18 specialties to choose from – offering 141 hybrid class combinations. And 2 game modes: single-player campaigns and co-op multiplayer.

Uniquely created fantasy worlds for every game and each world is dynamic and ever changing evolving as the player progresses
Expansive dungeon and underworld complexes
Single player and Co op Multiplayer to adventure with friends

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