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Cipon Controller Replacement for Gamecube

Product Description

cipon controllercipon controller

replacement controllerreplacement controller

Hi, here you are coming to CIPON Page.

Are you a fan of Nintendo?

Are you seeking for the gamecube controller the best performance?

CIPON is trying to provide the Nintendo fan with best gamecube controller with good value.

We come here as third party product instead of manufactured by Nintendo, but we do best!

If you come to here, you are deserving the best we promise!

Our controllers are compatible with the Nintendo Wii, Switch, and Nintendo Gamecube.

Wired connection’s advantages:

No batteries charge needed;

Half cost of the wireless connection;

Instant plug & play connection (no sync required);

Reducing input latency and data lag compared to wireless connection.

Features of Wired Controller for Gamecube, wii , Switch:

NGC Game Shock Joypad Controller for Nintendo Wii & GameCube.

8 completely analog action buttons: the harder you press, the faster you go!

Enjoy playing your favorite games again!

Easy to play game with simply gamepad, comfort plus larger buttons to enjoy more.

Easy to hold: The smooth curved hand lines will make your hands completely at your disposal.

5.9inch cable length: Great for your distance on the game screen, no tied to your partner.

Great for your distance on the game screen, enjoy the free space with your partner.

Controller Details Display

Gamecube Controller for Nintendo Switch

Gamecube Controller for Nintendo Switch

controller button

controller button

D-PAD Controller

D-PAD Controller

GameCube Joystick

GameCube Joystick

Gamecube Controllers

Gamecube Controllers

NGC Gamecube Controllers

NGC Gamecube Controllers

Wired Controller

Wired Controller

Gamecube Controllers’s Specifications:

2 Pack Gamecube Controller for Nintendo Switch – GameCube Style Black

Game Shock Joypad Controller for Nintendo Wii & GameCube

14cm x 10.5cm x 5.8cm – 5.51inch x 4.13inch x 2.28inch.

Cable Length: 1.8M/5.9ft

Weight: 0.208kg/pack

No external power required.

Compatiable with all systems.

Thuamb Stick Details:

2 analogue thumb stick, Analog Joysticks

4 fire action buttons, 1 shoulder buttons

A/B/X/Y Buttons: The primary buttons used for most games sized and arranged for the greatest confort.

D-PAD: Classic digital control for a wide variety of game play.

R/L buttons: Special analog input with digital override for additional action.

Z buttons: Additional shoulder mounted digital input. LED for power, player number and low battery warning.

What You Get:

2 * Wired Controller for Nintendo GameCube Wii

For the quality, our team gathers years of experience in the gaming industry designing across all platforms.

You’ll be amazed at the elaborated features and high quality.

For the after-sales service, we will respond your message within 24 hours, and do our fully capacity to solve your problems.

Cipon gamecube controller 2 packCipon gamecube controller 2 pack

CIPON Gamecube Controller

Cipon Classic Gamecube Controller is a third party product, not manufactured by Nintendo.

It support to work with Window system, Nintendo switch, Nintendo wii U, Nintendo Wii and Gamecube.

Here Cipon to claim that we are third party of gamecube controller brand and our classic gamepad joystick is not manufactured by Nintendo, but compatible with Game cube and Nintendo Wii.
High performance of game cube controller for Wii: dual Analog joysticks (Analog thumb stick: Designed for control in 3D game environment reacts to slightest pressure or quickest action.), larger D Pad button, fully analog pressure sensitive action buttons, same great fluent features as the original Nintendo gamecube controller.
Perfect game use experience & you should be amazed at the features and quality built in this wired gamecube controller: it supports parts facilitate comfort even during long hours of game play. Compatible with GameCube and Wii games. If you want to start playing Melee Or any Smash game, these are a great place to start.
Favorite gift & friendly accompany: accessible to people of all ages and all abilities. Your kids, your friends, your girl or wife, let them enjoy totally relax at your free time to get rid of working fatigue, school unhappiness, daily trivia.
100% customer satisfaction guarantee: any quality related issues, we refund to you or replace new controller to your address, your any inquiry, we response at first time, and make sure you are happy with CIPON Brand Related product. Note: if you want to play Wii U and PC games, you need to use it with the controller adapter.

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