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Avantree Leaf Long Range USB Bluetooth Audio

Product Description


This is a long range, high quality, aptX Low Latency USB Bluetooth AUDIO transmitter. It ONLY supports Audio Transmission, and is not for keyboards, mouse devices, game controllers or data transfer.


Bluetooth-enable any PC or laptop (Windows, OS, Linux, etc).Bluetooth-enable your game console (PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc).Use with Bluetooth headphones, speakers and receivers to stream music or online chat.Use with aptX-Low Latency (<40ms delay) devices to eliminate lip-sync delay.Range of up to 20m / 60ft in open air without obstacles / interference. Factors in your environment may also impact range – please see FAQ – Q1 below.

Doesn’t work / not recommended for:

Cannot Bluetooth-enable TVs, wired speakers or car stereo systems. Not work with keyboard / mouse, mobile phone, game controllers, printers, projectors and other BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices. Supports voice OR music single channel only for non-FastStream (FS) BT headphones. For simultaneous voice and music while gaming, see details in FAQ – Q2 below.Use with non aptX-Low Latency devices will produce an audio delay of 70-200ms – not ideal for watching video movies.


Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCPAudio codec: aptX-LL, aptX, FastStream, SBCOperating range: Up to 20 meters in open area without any obstructionProduct weight: approx. 10gProduct size: 66(L) x 18mm(W) x 15mm(H)

avantree dg50 leafavantree dg50 leaf

avantree dg50avantree dg50

plug and play

plug and play

No Lip Sync Delay

No Lip Sync Delay

No Lip Sync Delay

No Lip Sync Delay

Plug and Play

Not a tech junkie? No problem! With Avantree Leaf there is no need to install drivers or any other software. Simply turn on both devices and they will auto pair. Leaf is compatible with any computer systems.

No Lip Sync Delay

Ideal for watching video / movies, Leaf uses aptX Low Latency technology to deliver a perfectly synchronized audio experience.

Long Range

Leaf works up to 66 ft/ 20M in an area with no interference. When using with TWS earbuds or other compact devices, range may be shorter due to internal antenna.

avantree dg50avantree dg50

Important Notes for use with PS4 and Nintendo Switch:

For simultaneous talk and music while gaming, please ONLY use with FastStream (FS) compatible BT headphones e.g. Avantree ANC031, ANC032, or HS063. Also consider the DG59M transmitter headphone set.For other Bluetooth headphones please use in either talk OR music mode only. Double click the MFB to switch. Otherwise you will get poor quality music when in TALK mode (LED stays WHITE) or the microphone is not clear when in MUSIC mode.Remove the rubber belt of the dongle OR use an extension USB cable to connect with PS4. Plug the dongle into the Nintendo Dock OR use Type-C to USB female converting cable connect to Nintendo Switch Console.


Q1. Why am I experiencing shorter-than-expected range and / or the audio cutting in and out?

The Avantree Leaf uses a Class 1 CSR chipset specified at 20m / 60ft in an OPEN FIELD environment without any walls or floors in the way. Here are some common causes of short range / unstable audio for the Leaf:

The range depends on BOTH the transmitting and receiving device. Please test your receiving Bluetooth device with a mobile phone to confirm the range is acceptable. Operation range can be affected by physical obstructions (walls, people, etc.), wireless interference (Wi-Fi routers, Wireless TV adapters, etc).An UNSTABLE Bluetooth connection can cause range and audio issues. Please reset / clear the pairing history of BOTH DEVICES and re-pair / connect them again.If you’ve plugged the Leaf into a USB 3.0 port, please change to another (preferably non 3.0) USB port. The USB 3.0 standard has known interference issues with Bluetooth.Audio issues can be caused by a slow internet connection if you are streaming content (video or music) from an ONLINE source. Please check your internet speed is acceptable. Unstable power output from the USB port can also cause range and audio issues. If you’re using a desktop computer, please try a USB port on the back of the computer using the extension cable. You can also try using a USB hub with a power adapter.

Q2. How can I stream Music and Talk simultaneously?

The FastStream codec allows both music and talk channels to work simultaneously.The Leaf supports FastStream and if used together with a FastStream compatible headphone will deliver much better stereo sound while in TALK mode.Currently there are only a few headphones on the market that support FastStream (though this number is increasing). If you want to use this feature,please purchase a pair of Avantree FastStream supported Bluetooth headphones, e.g. the Avantree HS063, ANC032, ANC031, DG59M set, etc.

Bluetooth Version



Works with Bluetooth Headphones / Speakers

Bluetooth Keyboards, Mouse (Audio Adapter ONLY)



aptX Low latency / FastStream

Support PS4 Console

Support PS4 Controller



No Driver Needed

Supported Systems

PC, Mac, PS4 console

PC, Mac, PS4 console

Operating Range (open field)

≦ 20m / 60 ft

≦ 30m / 100ft

[BLUETOOTH STREAMING] Add a Bluetooth sound device to your PC, laptop, Mac, PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Enable audio streaming to your favorite speakers or headphones. (Notes: 1. only for audio, not for mouse, keyboards or game controllers. 2. Bluetooth connection is via the Leaf acting as a soundcard, not your computer.)
[A GAMERS DREAM] Leaf allows for simultaneous music and voice while gaming when paired with a pair of Avantree headphones enabled with FastStream technology e g Avantree DG59M Set Avantree Aria ANC031 or ANC032.
[LONG RANGE] Featuring Bluetooth Class I technology, Leaf transmits audio signals up to 60ft/20m without any interference.
[PLUG & PLAY] Not a tech junkie? No problem! With our Bluetooth transmitter, there is no need to download any driver. Simply plug the transmitter and turn on the connecting device and they will auto connect for the ultimate user friendly audio experience.
[NO MORE DELAY] Featuring aptX Low Latency technology, leaf allows you to reduce Bluetooth delay – delivering high quality sound in perfect synchronization. Ideal for watching movies, Leaf pairs well with Avantree Audition Pro or Clipper Pro.

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